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Re: gcc-m68k-linux package

On Mon, Aug 20, 2001 at 05:27:54PM +0200, Bas Zoetekouw wrote:
> Hi!
> According to Martin Michlmayr
> (http://lists.debian.org/debian-qa/2001/debian-qa-200108/msg00072.html), 
> you m68k people still need the gcc-m68k-linux package. If this is indeed
> the case, could anyone please NMU or adopt this package asap? It still
> needs to undergo the FHS transition. Furthermore, it has build problems
> and is uninstallable.
> If the fhs problems aren't fixed quite soon, I'll ask ftp-admin to
> remove this package.


I've offered to adopt this package, since I've actually USED it in the past
(to cross-compile kernel for both m68k and sparc). However, it build-depends
on cross-binutils (which is currently unavailable), AND libc6 and libc6-dev
from the target archetecture (which require manual installation), and I'm
unsure what exactly to do about that.

I did ask the binutils maintainer (<chris@debian.org>) to re-apply the
cross-binutils patch (with minor changes; see

I'm considering a wrapper script to do a source build, that will install
all the 'manual' dependencies properly.


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