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Woody, security and architectures

As people have probably noticed we've done a number of security
advisories over the last few days, and doing those has made it
clear that the way we currently do those will not scale with
future release.

The problem is the number of architectures we have to support.
For potato we have to recompile on 4 architectures, which is
a hassle but doable. Besides having to wait for recompiles to
finish we also frequently run into missing build-depends and
have to wait for someone from DSA to install those for us,
which means it might (worst case) take days before we have all
the needed packages.

With the extra architectures that woody will add that is simply
not going to work anymore. Now it so happens there is an excellent
solution for this: rbuilder. With rbuilder one can simply send
an email to a build machine and it will install the build-depends
and build the package automatically. This means we can spent
our time a lot more effectively.

This brings me to my point: with the release of woody the security
team can no longer handle doing all the recompiles manually, and
as a result of that we will only support architectures which have a
working rbuilder setup that we can use.

I realize that setting up rbuilder is not trivial, but given that
woody won't be released soon there should be plenty of time for
people to set those up.


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