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Re: hernel problems

On Sun, 12 Aug 2001, Russell Hires wrote:

> >
> > When you switch kernels, you'll have to switch modules too. The modules
> > are not in the "linux" file, they're in the installation disks. If the
> > kernel you get with the installation disks (usually called
> > "bootfloppies") doesn't work, you'll have to create your own bootfloppies
> > -- or find someone that wants to do it for you.
> No. You don't have to do this, since they are already made as images. You 
> can't use actual floppies, since no one has yet figured out or written a 
> driver for the floppy drive. I recommend that you stick with what works 
> without the modules, as you can install them later after the core install has 
> been accomplished. 

It depends on how you intend to do your installation. If, for example, you
want to do a network-install, your suggestion doesn't work, since you need
to load a module to do a network installation...

But otherwise, you're right, of course.

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