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Re: hernel problems

On Mon, 13 Aug 2001, Paolo wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm installing Linux Debian Version 2.2.19 from your FTP site on an 
> Apple Quadra900. I've  followed all the various instruction but, using 
> the kernel , named linux, I get a strange error at the end of the Scsi 
> check.

This may well be a strange error to you, but possibly other people know
what's going on when they see the error message. Could you please post it?

> I've downloaded the kernel test 2.2.19 - 20010410 from the 
> sourceforge.net site and It works perfectly, instead! With this kernel, 
> I can start the installation software (using the ramdisk etc.) but I' m 
> getting an error when the step "configure the kernel module"  the error 
> "It's impossible to find the module in the directory 
> /target/lib/modules/2.2.19, install the module first--How???
> I've tried to install the base system and reboot. The system doesn't 
> start because are missing some modules from that direectory. Where is 
> the mistake?

When you switch kernels, you'll have to switch modules too. The modules
are not in the "linux" file, they're in the installation disks. If the
kernel you get with the installation disks (usually called
"bootfloppies") doesn't work, you'll have to create your own bootfloppies
-- or find someone that wants to do it for you.

I don't have the time, unfortunately.

wouter dot verhelst at advalvas dot be

"Human knowledge belongs to the world"
  -- from the movie "Antitrust"

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