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hernel problems

I'm installing Linux Debian Version 2.2.19 from your FTP site on an Apple Quadra900. I've  followed all the various instruction but, using the kernel , named linux, I get a strange error at the end of the Scsi check.  I've downloaded the kernel test 2.2.19 - 20010410 from the sourceforge.net site and It works perfectly, instead! With this kernel, I can start the installation software (using the ramdisk etc.) but I' m getting an error when the step "configure the kernel module"  the error "It's impossible to find the module in the directory /target/lib/modules/2.2.19, install the module first--How???
I've tried to install the base system and reboot. The system doesn't start because are missing some modules from that direectory. Where is the mistake?

Thanks in advance


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