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Re: LC475 respawning too fast

idalton@ferret.dyndns.org <idalton@ferret.dyndns.org> wrote 26.7.2001 05:03:
> I've had this problem too, on my Quadra 605. The information about it is
> somewhat buried in website. A defective LC040 CPU will cause this error.
> Apologies for not having the link that mentions the chip revision code
> that is defective, but it is possible to find from the ports page.
> If you are having an LC040, it's reccomended to try to get a real 040,
> since then you'll have an hardware FPU.

I purchased the machine just yesterday, so I guess there is no point in
obtaining a new CPU to a computer that costed around $17 USD. It is an
LC040, saying "523134-101", "XC68LC040RC258", "02E36", "QEMB9404C" and
"MALAYSIA". So it's defective then?

I tried to install some packages with dpkg, some succesful and some not. I'm
familiar with Debian x86, so this must be either an issue of CPU or
nonfinished installation process, musn't it?

Think, I'll try to change the machine to an earlier model then, with a 030
processor. Pity, since this one had 20 MB RAM, 250 MB harddisk and a
DaynaPort ethernet card installed.

Jari Lammi

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