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Debian m68k install hangs

Hello .. 

I have a Mac LCII (68030, no FPU) with 10M of RAM, a 340M HD, and an
Asante Mac Con LC ethernet card, which is picked up by the kernel. 

The install starts ok, and everything seems alright but at some point
during the install of base2_2.tgz the machine crashes. 

I've put the machine through its paces computationally, so I don't think
it is a matter of bad RAM or so forth. 

I am going to try to copy base2_2.tgz to my Mac HFS partition and install
it that way, I was thinking that perhaps the bulk data transfer over the
network card could be the culprit. 

Any ideas? 

Michael Graffam (mgraffam@idsi.net)

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