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Debain 2.2 r2 installation problems on Amiga


I'm trying to install Debian from the 2.2 r2 CD's on an
Amiga 1200 with a Blizzard 1260 accelerator (68060@50Mhz,
64Mb RAM and SCSI2 module) and I'm having two big problems
which I hope somebody can give me some help with.

Problem 1)

Running amiboot fires up the basic kernel image which starts
to boot up OK. But, 3 times out of 5 the boot sequence stops
with the following error message:
Partition check:
sda:scsi : aborting command due to timeout : pid 18, scsi0, channel, 0 id 2, lun 0 Read (6) 00 00 01
01 00
esp0: aborting command
esp0: dumping state
intreq: <2030>, intena:<601a>
esp0: SW [sreg<11> sstep<11> sstep<04> ireg,10>]
esp0: HW reread [sreg<11> sstep<cc> ireg<00>]
esp0: current command [tgt<02> lun<00> pphase<CLUELESS> cphase<DATAIN>]
esp0: disconnected
SCSI host 0 abort (pid 17) timed out - resetting
SCSI bus is being reset for host 0 channel 0
esp0: Resetting scsi bus
esp0: Gross error sreg=40
esp0: SCSI bus reset interrupt
SCSI host 0 channel 0 reset (pid 17) timed out - trying harder
SCSI bus is being reset for host 0 channel 0.
esp0: Resetting scsi bus
esp0: SCSI bus reset interrupt
SCSI host 0 reset (pid 17) timed out again -
probably an unrecoverable SCSI bus or device hang.

Problem 2)

On the odd occasion that the basic kernal boot works OK I only
get as far as the second screen of the installation which displays:
Please Wait

The installation program is determining the current state
of your system and the next installation step that should be

My machine accesses the CD a couple of times and then just sits
there seemingly doing nothing for evermore.

Any ideas from anyone would be appreciated.

The specifics of my system are:

A1200 with phase5 Blizzard 1260 accelerator (68060@50Mz, 64Mb RAM, SCSI2)
3.8Gb Maxtor HD on motherboard IDE adapter
Dual speed Matshita CDROM on SCSI ID 1
4Gb IBM HD on SCSI ID 6 (This disk contains partitions required for Linux)



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