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Re: Amiga and X4

"Christian T. Steigies" wrote:

> > > I've upgraded my potato on my Amiga to woody and the X system seems not
> > > work properly... is there some way it can work?
> >
> > Define not working properly.
> >
> I can see the gray X window and the X pointer,
> So in fact X ís working, but...
> You say the 4.0.x or even X4.1.x xserver-xfree86 is working for you on an
> m68k box? Who fixed it?
> AFAIK the "new" xserver does not work on m68k hardware yet, you have to use
> xserver-fbdev from 3.3.6, but I wrote it all down. Does anybody actually
> read that pages???

Your are right, I have seen that my X link was to XF68-FBDev and not to
the new XFree86, I have had to go back to potato because mixing X4
packages with X3 (xserver-fbdev) packages didn't work for me (as you
explain in your pages...) and of course de X4 server gives the error you
told (caught signal 11...).

When could it be possible to upgrade to woody X4 based for Amiga?

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