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boot-floppies 3.0.7 for m68k

I am uploading the latest m68k boot-floppies build to:
I had to complete the build by hand (my own fault, I improved[1] the
boot-floppies) and I do not want to waste the CPU cycles.
It will still take a few minutes until the upload is completed and I have
generated the dierectories though.

Please report successful installs to debian-boot (do we need a success
report from every subarch to be included in the woody release?).

Should I try to create a changes file or just wait a few more days until the
next version is ready for building? (No, I will not tag the sources myself).

RE: fdisk manpages
They are included in this build, although I've built on the same machine as
the last version. The only difference is, I copied the *fdisk packages to
/archive/debian/Incoming, where rescue(?).sh is looking for the debs.


[1] Pengiun-19 now replaces Penguin-17 and -18. It would be nice if somebody
with a real Mac could test the HQX files I made...

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