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Re: Trouble Floppy Booting an MVME167

On Tue, Jul 03, 2001 at 01:45:02PM -0600, Churchill, David wrote:
> Thank you for all the great information.
> I determined that the floppy disks were correct.
> Everything up to diskread system call appeared correct.
> The disk drive activity light would come on for about a second only.
> This was not long enough to read the 48 requested blocks.
> I checked the floppy disk parameters using IOT, and found them NOT to be correct.
> After changing these parameters (e.g., sector size), I booted the Woody image.
> It is interesting that the first stage kernel loading appeared OK with the incorrect parameters.
What did you have to change? Is there anything we can fix in the
boot-floppies so that it will work out of the box next time?
Not that I know anything about vme or floppies, but maybe we can improve it.
> Have a great 4th.
I hope so, its my first :-)


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