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Re: INIT Id "1" respawning too fast (?)

On Wed, 27 Jun 2001 09:15:04 -0700
"mformica2" <mformica2@mac.com> wrote:

> Your problem is that that mac uses an LC68040, which doesn't have a real
> FPU.  I don't think Debian Linux works on that CPU, unfortunately (at
> not that I've heard).

The latest kernels do work on the 68LC040 - I know, I run it on a
Performa475 that has one. You might have one of two problems:

1) Your kernel might be too old. I know that I run 2.2.18 and it is fine.
2) You might be unlucky and have one of the 'broken' 68LC040 chips that
will not even support FPU emulation. YOU can find info about how to
identify this on the net, or you can just run MacOS and try software FPU.
If software FPU will not run, the chip is 'broken'. Relpace it wih an
unbroken one, or better yet, a full 68040.

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