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Amiga 4000 donation


A while ago I retired my trusty Amiga 4000 from active use. I recall
seeing a plead for more 68k machines from someone on -devel and I'm
willing to donate (what is left of) my machine if someone is willing
to put it to work in the project.

The machine is a tower-converted A4000 with a Cyberstorm MkII 68060
50MHz and the Cyberstorm SCSI2 module. Graphics is a Picasso IV.
Unfortunately it has no RAM, HD, CD or NIC as I've canibalized it for
parts (reason it was retired was lacking a NIC).

However, if any of you 68k developers want to care for it, let me know
where to send it (I'll pay for freight and handling).

Please contact me via mail as I'm not on this list anymore.

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