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Installation Issue

Greetings everyone.

I am a bit embarrased to ask this here but  I have exhuasted my limited
knowledge trying to solve an installation problem.

Trying to install potato on a mac II si with 17mb Ram, extensions off,
appletalk off, Maccon ethernet installed. The install process, from a hard
drive partition, works fine until the package lists are installed from
CDROM then the process locks up with a series of what look like, to me
anyway, SCSI time out error messages.

This has happened to me before but the process has eventually worked on
about the third attempt but on this occasion nothing I do will seem to get
me past the package list installation stage from the first CD of the
distribution r0.

Does anybody have any suggestions work arounds etc  I speculate that there
is a SCSI driver issue with the install 2.2.10 kernel but any suggestions
are welcome.

Kind regards




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