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Re: [2.2r3] Status report - Request for Discussion

Nick Holgate wrote:
> > Oh c'mon, I don't want to explain how archive maintenance actually works.
> No
> > New packages don't get installed right away, only updates to existing
> > ones are.  New packages require an override entry.  If it hasn't been
> > made before dinstall runs the package is stuck in the incoming directory.
> > 
> > > Who should have informed ftpmaster when/why? Sorry, I don't understand
> > > the problem.
> So the answer I was looking for is, that I should have informed
> ftpmaster if I wanted the the packages installed urgently, because
> otherwise they would stay in incoming until the override entry was made.

In the case of n-1 of your kernel uploads no, since they weren't
new packages.  Please read my other mails carefully.



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