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Re: 06-Apr-2001: Klaus Burkert died

Gene Heskett sends Greetings to Ingo Juergensmann;

>Please hold on for a minute, those who haven't already heard...

>--- schnipp http://www.amiga-news.de/news/de/AN-2001-04-00077-DE.html ---

> 06-Apr-2001: Klaus Burkert verstorben

>Klaus Burkert, bekannt für hervorragende Amiga Hard- und Softwareentwicklung
>ist vorgestern an einem Herzinfarkt gestorben.

>Unser aufrichtiges Beileid gilt der Familie und den Freunden. Mögen sie die
>Kraft aufbringen, diesen unersetzlichen Verlust zu verschmerzen.

>[Klaus Burkert, known for his excellent Amiga Hard- and Software-development
>(AriadneI & II, PicassoII & IV, MacPicasso), deceased to a heart attack on
>April 4th 2001. (-ij-)]

>Posted on the offical P96 Mailinglist: "Silence, I just want to inform you
>guys out there that yesterday, after a major heart attack on monday, one of
>the greatest developers of Amiga hard- and software who was my best friend
>and mentor Klaus Burkert has died. It was a really big shock for me and so
>it will be for others. I don't know what else to say, there are not really
>words to fit the situation... Bye Klaus, cu on the other side" - Tobias

>Quelle: CyberGraphX[1]


>Links im Dokument:

>[1] http://www.vgr.com/cybergfx

>--- schnapp ---

>With Klaus the Amiga community has lost a very special person. He was more
>or less involved in developing/porting drivers for Ariadne ethernet cards
>and Picasso graphic cards as well to Linux as (mainly) to NetBSD.

>Those of you who knew him and were lucky to met Klaus, especially in private
>or one of the numerous meetings he attended, will miss him for sure, so as I
>do, but he won't be forgotten!

>Ciao...                    // PowerAnimator & Maya Operator
>      Ingo               \X/  To boldly design where noone designed before!

Thanks for the notice, Ingo.  In our world he may have been important,
but to the media in general, it wasn't worth noteing.

If anyone is relaying condolences to the family, please add mine.

Cheers, Gene
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