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Re: Amiga Question

On Thu, 5 Apr 2001, James Novak wrote:

> I have an Amiga 3000T with a 25Mhz 68030, CV64-3D, and 16M fast RAM.
> I'm wondering how Debian would handle under that configuration?  I
> trried it about a year or so ago, and the Xserver was so slow to be
> completely useless under any depth.  I'm currently using NetBSD 1.5,
> but it doesn't support diplays >8bpp on the CV64-3D.

Hello James :)

I run a 40MHz 68040, without X, and it's .... tortuous to say the least -
although most of that comes from installing packages... can take up to 3
minutes just to unpack and install a package.

It's not apt's fault - it's a complex packaging system that needs to check
dependencies, etc., but in short I would stick to dirt-cheap i386 for X
facilities.. hell X is slow enough on Celerons around 500MHz, I shudder to
think what a 25MHz '030 would throw at it...



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