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Re: how do 68k Macs boot?

It is summarized in one of the Inside Macintosh books, but if I remember
correctly, it basically goes like this:

1) init hardware
2) read SCSI driver off found SCSI devices
3) read boot sector off of disk with blessed folder
4) boot sector opens 'System' resource fork and loads a resource (I don't
remember which one) and then executes it

On Tue, 27 Mar 2001, Dave Huseby wrote:

> As a follow up to my last post, I'm looking for details on how 68k Macs
> boot.  Do they rely on a boot rom or is their a boot record on the HDD?
> What is different between the way MacOS boots and AI/X boots.  If they
> use a boot rom what are the specs of the rom (size, manufacturer, can
> they be replaced?)  Thanks.
> Dave Huseby
> huseby@shockfusion.com
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