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Re: X-surf driver

Hallo Richard

On 21-Mar-01, you wrote:

> problem is newer modutils will refuse to load modules with dubious
> ownership or mode. I didn't check if they specifically require 
> root:root but probably something would have to be set[ug]id.
> The trick is to set $INSTALL_MOD_PATH to some user writable dir and
> have some script that does the copying into root /lib/modules.

I compiled it as root and it worked just fine now. Thanks for the help.
Anyway, this is getting a little OT. The X-Surf board now shows up, and I

alinux#ifconfig add up

to get it up and working. I can now do a


(where is the gateway on this network) and it works just fine.
For those with the interest in timings, the response was in about 1.9ms as
an average (excluded the first ping where the swich uses 1/4s to set up the
routingtable). I use a 030/50MHz processor, and have 32MB of RAM.

This is the same average as I get with AmigaOS and the standard sana2

Just one question; where do I configure what gateway to use, so that I can
connect through it(to the internet)? In AmigaOS with Genesis it was kinda
automagic. I just entered the gateways IP adress.

Øyvin Halfdan Thuv

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