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Mac 840AV Asante Nubus MC3NB Problem

I recently bought a Quadra 840AV to install debian on.  I have installed potato
on it and configured the asante ethernet.  Right now I don't have a AAUI
transceiver so I can't try it.  After configuring the asante nubus card I can
get minimal tcpip working.  I can telnet somewhere but can't type anything for
example.  Also I can download a webpage in lynx but if I click on a link it
usually doesn't work.  Also after I try accessing the network enough times it
causes the entire computer to freeze.

Does anyone know where I can get a kernel with known working asante drivers?
Also is there an equivilent to the sysrq stuff (on x86) on m68k linux?


Chris Cheney


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