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Screen corruption with X on Amiga AGA

   I'm fairly new to using Linux on my Amiga but have recently installed
Debian Linux 2.2r2 (potato) stable from a CD set onto my Amiga A1200.

With Blizzard 1260 + SCSI Kit +50Mb RAM + 1.4Gb IDE HD + 4.3 Gb SCSI HD +
520Mb SCSI HD + Yamaha 8824S CD-R/RW drive.

I installed from the CD-ROM onto my 1.4Gb IDE drive and everything seemed
to work fine, I then installed X Window complete from the easy installer as
well as the C compiler and a few other bits.

However, when I run X I get lots of corruption on the screen, things in the
debian menubar at the bottom seem to be repeated further up the screen in
flickery yellow.

Please help me!

I also have an AteoBus and Pixel64 graphics board (Cirrus Logic chip)
attached to my amiga. Is there any plans to alter the CLGen to include this
board also? Autoconfig on the Linux side appears to detect my board.


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