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Amiga woes

	Hello all.  I'm a recent joiner to this list and hope to learn quite a bit
from you fine folk.

	I have been having a bad installation problem however.  I got ahold of a
Debian distribution CD about 3-4 months ago, and attempted to install it on
a 1.2g partition on my A4000 w/ GVP 68040/40 accellerator, 50mb ram, picasso
II, and 106mb swap partition.

	The base installation goes fine, and seems to run fine, but when I try to
install the software packages, the same thing always happens.  At some point
during the de-packaging, the computer will freeze, COMPLETELY, forcing me to
reboot.  Upon rebooting, fsck will of course run.  fsck freezes up during
the examination of my partition; and never ever comes back.

	Does this sound familiar to anyone?

	Any ideas?

	Thanks for any advice...
	Bo Zimmerman

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