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I know this is gonna sound really lame, but I know virtually nothing about
Macs and am having real trouble getting anything done as far as installing
linux on my newly acquired Mac LCII.  Here's my situation.  I have a PC
running RH7.0 that I now have Mac filesystem support in the kernel and the
macutils package as well as unstuff.  I have the root.bin and linux files
in a debian folder on the Mac partition of the LC II.  I have the A/UX
root&usr and swap partitions set up on the LC II.  My problem now is that
I can't find the Penguin bootstrap loader anywhere.  The ftp site that I
downloaded everything from (ftp.us.debian.org) I'm sure has what I need
and I just don't understand how to work with .bin and .hqx files for Mac.
I'm guessing that the Penguin-18.hqx and Penguin-Color.hqx files are
somehow related to the Penguin loader (?), and I've managed to get them
back into a binary format.  I now have Penguin_Color.bin and
Penguin-18.bin and don't know what either of them are supposed to do since
neither of them are recognized by MacOS.  (BTW, I'm running system 7.1 on
the LC II) If these are the Penguin loader how do I get Mac OS to
recognize them as executable and if they aren't where do I find the
Penguin boot loader.  Can anyone give me a clue (I know I sound pretty
clueless -- mostly because I am)?  I have read the installation guide and
besides being out of date it just really seems to go in circles and
doesn't explain anything clearly.  I am to the point of thinking that Mac
is a completely different mindset and I haven't caught on yet.

Thanx for any help you can give,

"Bill Gates and Microsoft have ruined the computer industry for
 a long time to come by creating a class of ignorant and lazy
 computer users."  --Russel Ingram

"Mommy ... can I go out and ... KILL TONIGHT!?"
                   --Glen  Danzig, The Misfits
Russ Ingram
Gargoyle Computer Consulting

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