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Re: Probs compiling kernel 2.2.18-pre21 on 68040

On Sun, Mar 04, 2001 at 07:58:53PM -0500, Ray Knight wrote:

> You can't use the mainstream kernel sources to compile an m68k Linux. 
> You will need to apply the m68k patches to the source before you can
> compile a good m68k based kernel.  You could pull 2.2.18 from the the
> Linux-Mac68k site on SourceForge.  The following are instructions on how
> to get the 2.2.18 source:
Or he could use kernel-source 2.2.17 with the kernel-patch package, which
should be already installed, if not get it from:
(all mentioned on my kernel-image page).

> This source had been used by a few Amiga owners to compile kernels for
> the Amiga with good results before the 2.2.18 merge.  I have not had any
> reports of success or failure with the 2.2.18 source.
He has not? I tested 2.2.18 on my amiga some time ago, it does not work. But
I had not time yet to investigate further. If it were working for me, we
would probably have 2.2.18 kernel-images and patches by now...

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