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Re: user-mode-linux + m68k emulator

Then you need a 68k emulator that also emulates the MMU.
The only open source 68k emulator I know of is the one from
UAE, "U-something Amiga Emulator". This emulator also sits
in Basilisk II, a Macintosh emulator. (GPL)
If you added MMU support to this emulator, you could boot
up the real Amiga 68k linux on UAE. That way, you could
compile stuff really fast. Plus you don't need another 68k
flavor. (You just use a normal Amiga kernel.)

On Fri, 2 Mar 2001, Jason Duerstock wrote:

> Has anyone considered taking this user-mode Linux version that has been
> flaoting around (http://user-mode-linux.sourceforge.net) and merging it
> with a m68k emulator?  The resulting virtual kernel could be used to build
> and test m68k software at a speed that is hopefully much faster than the
> 'real' thing.  Is this a good idea?
> Thanks
> Jason
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