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Re: m68k buildd presents significant problem for non-us and testing

On Mon, Feb 19, 2001 at 12:55:32PM +0100, Roman Hodek wrote:
> > Is there a way I can see logs of the build?
> The logs are available over the web interface (m68k.debian.org), too.
> For the concrete case (hextype), the pkg has been built on Friday and
> I committed the log today, so it should be uploaded soon.

Interesting.  I see 14 failed build logs for hextype from Feb 5 to
Feb 11.  All of them look like this:

  Automatic build of hextype_3.0-9 on kullervo by sbuild 1.150
  Build started at 20010211-2012
  Fetching .dsc file...
  Can't find .dsc file for hextype_3.0-9
  Skipping hextype
  Giving back package hextype_3.0-9 after failure in find-dsc stage.
  Finished at 20010211-2021
  Build needed 00:00:00, 0k disk space

Is the buildd working off an old mirror, perhaps?  I see lots of similar
logs for other packages.

Richard Braakman

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