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Re: m68k buildd presents significant problem for non-us and testing

On Mon, Feb 19, 2001 at 11:30:47AM +0100, Roman Hodek wrote:
> The problem is simply that there are too many packages... currently
> there are 437 packages in state Needs-Build. It seems we finally
> reached the point where m68k cannot keep up :(

Hmm, it might be some other problem too.  I've been keeping track
of the state of one of my uploads, hextype 3.0-9.  Its update-excuses
output has looked like this for more than a week now:

     * hextype 3.0-9 (currently 3.0-8) (optional) (low)
          + Maintainer: Richard Braakman <dark@xs4all.nl>
          + hextype uploaded 19 days ago, out of date by 9 days!
	  + out of date on m68k: hextype (from 3.0-8)
	  + not considered

If I follow the link to the m68k status query, I see a page about the
upload where State is "Building" and Previous-State is "Needs-Build"
-- or the other way around!  They seem to trade places every few days,
and the package is stuck in unstable.

Is there a way I can see logs of the build?

Richard Braakman

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