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m68k Packages...

Hi guys,

     * binutils (currently (standard) (high)
          + Maintainer: Christopher C. Chimelis <chris@debian.org>
          + binutils uploaded 87 days ago, out of date by 85 days!
          + out of date on m68k: binutils, binutils-dev,
            binutils-multiarch (from
          + there are up to date bins in m68k also
          + not considered

This is mentioned in bug 74396 (grave, binutils); apparently binutils just
plain hasn't worked on m68k since version

There are two options here: either to get binutils fixed for m68k (which would
be ideal), or to fork binutils at version and have a distinct
binutils-m68k package that builds the appropriate debs for m68k.

It'd be nice to have one of these happen sooner, rather than later...


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