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Re: Changing resolutions with CV3D.

On Mon, Feb 12, 2001 at 07:57:18PM +0100, Thomas Sj?lin wrote:
> After some time away from linux and debian, no time to spare, I have
> installed from scratch and wanted to try out the now interesting
> opportunity to change resolution within.
> I used the 2.2.19 boot-floppies for Amiga when I installed.
> Now, do I have to install the new driver to be able to change resolution. If
> I do, where can I find it, or is it included?
> I tried starting up the system with video=virge:virge8 but I cannot change
> resolution. If I try I only get a messed upp console and have to switch to
> another.
You can not change the resolution with the current driver.
Its in the works, nearly finsihed, but Ken still wants to clean up the code
before releasing it.
See my virge page for what the new code currently can do

Maybe I will build a kernel image with the new driver someday....

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