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Changing resolutions with CV3D.


After some time away from linux and debian, no time to spare, I have
installed from scratch and wanted to try out the now interesting
opportunity to change resolution within.

I used the 2.2.19 boot-floppies for Amiga when I installed.

Now, do I have to install the new driver to be able to change resolution. If
I do, where can I find it, or is it included?

I tried starting up the system with video=virge:virge8 but I cannot change
resolution. If I try I only get a messed upp console and have to switch to

What am I doing wrong? If I haven't got the driver I can understand why this
happens :)

Another problem that I have, and that I had before too. When in X my mouse
is acting up. It locks up all the time and X is more or less useless. It
locks up and if I move the mouse around a little it loosens so I can move
it around a little before it locks up again.

Is it as simple as a to slow system? 040/40 (Cyberstorm MkII) I don't
believe that but it can be that simple. I'm just using the standard
settings, haven't changed anything. Maybe it's a hardware-problem, I don't
know. I have no problems with the mouse running my Amiga as an Amiga,
besides that the left button has a tendency to click on its own now and
then :)

Well... anyone got an answer to these I'd be thankful.

Thomas Sjölin


Reality is for people who lack imagination.

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