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Linux Luddite Back

Hi All,
	Thanks to all who responded. Have decided to have a few more goes before
falling back with defeat :-)

Downloaded no end of kernels yesterday whilst at work. Results so far

2.2 series kernels have a heart attack when hitting the IDE or ADB bus bit.

2.3 series (generally) kernels are fine through the ADB, recognise the
keyboard, trackpad etc, however... fall over when they hit the IDE

2.4.0-011500.gz  falls over when it hits the IDE.

2.3.39-20000124jmt.gz falls over when it gets to the IDE. (my previous 'king of kernels') as mentioned in the
previous post gets lost in a loop.

2.3.18-19990919jmt.gz (my new 'king') does this...

Detects the IDE, ADB, SCSI, etc, etc, fine does great, however like the
previous one does..

Lots of kernel text above...

VFS: Mounted root (ext2 filesystem) readonly.
Kernel panic: No init found. Try passing init= option to kernel.

And it stops there. I can type (so the keyboard is working fine)

I kinda understand that I have to insert a path to the 'init' however I
have no idea what this means. I presume I have to type init=/dev/   etc,
etc in the penguin,  but  I don't know what the 'init' is.

Any help/insight into the 'init' greatly appreciated.




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