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Re: Debian 2.2 CD's (Germany)

On Thu, 26 Oct 2000 holdenb@liteline.de wrote:

> Hi Ben, and the other friends !
> My problem is the same as yours: Where can I get the Debian 2.2
> CD set for m68k (Amiga 2000, etc.) ??
> Searching in www.debian.de, I only found vendors in Germany for PC.
>                            Any Help ? - Hartmut Oldenbuerger

OpenOffice (www.openoffice.de, unrelated to SUN :) used to sell Debian 
m68k CDs, but at the moment they seem (see their web page) to be somewhat
behind the schedule. Don't know how long you can wait - perhaps send them
an email and ask?

Bj"orn Brill <brill@fs.math.uni-frankfurt.de>
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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