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WG: Potato and NOVA Graphicscard on an ATARI Falcon with Afterbur ner

>you can't disable 68020 optimisations except if you would hack the Makefile

>to compile with -m68000.
>So what processor support options did you use, did you change anything
>in the Makefile? Was it 2.2.10?

All I did was what Petr Stehlik suggested in the Linux-m68k-FAQ:


The kernel must be compiled for the 68040 CPU only (so no 68020, 68030 nor
68060 support!), otherwise it won't boot. The reason for this is unknown at
the moment (December 1997). Also, for certain revisions of the
Afterburner040 card the specific 68040 optimizations (RMW) must not be used
as well.



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