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Re: kernel-image 2.2.16 (atari)

Frank Copeland wrote:
> On 9 Oct 2000 02:45:42 +1100, Christian T. Steigies <cts@debian.org> wrote:
> >I am uploading the atari kernel-image to pandora.debian.org/~cts
> >You should find 2.2.16 images for all m68k subarches there. Please test
> >_and_ report your results on this list.
> I downloaded the patch and built a custom kernel for my A2000
> (cross-compiled on an i386 woody box). 

I have tried to use cross-compiling, but have never been able to get a
kernel that would boot. Would you provide some details on versions of
gcc, binutils, etc. that you used? Did you build the cross tools
yourself, or download them from somewhere?

> Frank
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