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Re: kernel-image 2.2.16 (amiga)

> > I have the machine up using the amifb now, to remove any potential
> > issues with the CV64 code. I'll do some work with it and leave it up
> > over night to see what happens.
> I had the machine running for about 24 hours doing a mix of compiling
> various things and idle for other parts. No crashes or major problems.
> The only issue, which is very subjective, was that it seemed to be
> slower than normal with heavy memory loads and swapping.
 My A3000/040 has been running w/o a hickup since yesterday morning.
 First 15h in a quiescent mode (X, top), then a kernel compile which
 took >7h (!!!). Kernel configured for 030+040, no fancy cpu options.

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