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Re: 2.2.17 i386 boot-floppies uploading

On 4 Oct 2000 20:12:19 +1100, Christian T. Steigies <cts@debian.org> wrote:

>I think we want new kernel images (2.2.10) for amiga and atari anyway, how
>much time do we have till 2.2.18 (hint for debian-68k: I need the patches to
>go in, without them I can not built kernel-images)?

What are the known problems with the existing 2.2.10 image on the
Amiga? I don't see any bug reports in the BTS. I know I can't boot my
A2000 with 2.2.10, although since I didn't try very hard I haven't
submitted a bug myself.


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