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Re: Debian2.2 and clgen on Amiga3000


> > 1.) The whole driver seems to run in some kind of "debug-mode",
> > printing messages on the screen each time x is started, the
> > console is changed via Alt-Tab and worst : every time the
> > screen blanks or unblanks :-(
> Right, thats how the "official" m68k kernel source comes. Maybe we should
> build a new kernel-image with this patch applied?

Is there a way to get a kernel with this patch without compiling
it myself ?

> > The system is nearly unusable -> while running the installation,
> > the screen blanks,unblanks,blanks,... After coming home a few
> > hours later you can't even read the messages from the installation
> > you have to answer, only debug-messages from clgen.
> > How can i switch this off ?
> Huh, unusable? Blanking? I did not experience that, if you do not switch the
> console and don't idle too much, nothing like that should happen. But I
> agree, its an annoying feature.

You select 120 MB in dselect -> you go to work, come home 10 hours later :-)
-> the installation asked you a question 5 hours before you come to your
machine -> the screen is full of clgen-debug-messages -> you have no way
to know what the question was -> nearly unusable.

> > 3.) Using the mouse under X hangs quite often for half a second or
> > even longer (maybe this is related to the debug-messages ?!)
> How fast, aehm, slow is your system? I found the speed ok on an A3000 where
> I tested the installation.

68060/50 Mhz. The problem is gpm-related -> see other posting.


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