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Need some expert advice

Hello Everybody,

My setup is A3000, Warp040/40, Spectrum, ASDG, 64meg fast 32bit, 8megs
24bitDMA on Nexus, 9gig IBM and 1.2gig Quantum drive on the Warp Engine,
Pinnacle CDRW and Zip100 drive on scsi.device, an ImageWriter Printer on
the serial.device and a USR Sportster 33.6 FaxModem on port 0 of the ASDG.

I got the base2.1 debian system to install and run, but I have to boot the
Amiga very
cleanly(like from my old reliable (partly hacked up) OS3.1 Install Floppy)
and then start Debian.  The first time it booted up it went thru the ppp
setup procedure, apparently without problems.  And I setup the root and
user passwords.  Then when I got to a root prompt, I tried 'pon ecity.net',
the system just gives me another prompt. apparently nothing happens and no
error messages.  I have ASDG serial which did seem to install just fine as
ttyS1 and ttyS2.  But it calls those ports undefined during startup.  

Any help is appreciated.  I want to get it connected, so I can install the
rest of the system, and of course get updated to 2.2.  I am finally
understanding a little about how dselect, pppconfig and modconf work.  One
document mentions using wvdial to connect, but I don't think I have that in
my base system.  What can I do?



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Kind regards

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