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Debian2.2 and clgen on Amiga3000


(I'm new to this list, but not new to linux-m68k in general.)

I've recently installed Debian-m68k (2.2) on my Amiga3000.

I was running Debian 2.0 before (i installed that a long time
ago and didn't use it that much; after switching from SuSE
to Debian on my PC, i remembered the Debian-Linux on my Amiga
again :-))

So far, the system works ok, but i've big problems using the
fbdev device (Alt-Tab and/or X). My Gfx-Card is a PicassoIV,
so i need the clgen-driver (so my problems are more clgen-
than fbdevrelated)

1.) The whole driver seems to run in some kind of "debug-mode",
printing messages on the screen each time x is started, the
console is changed via Alt-Tab and worst : every time the
screen blanks or unblanks :-(
The system is nearly unusable -> while running the installation,
the screen blanks,unblanks,blanks,... After coming home a few
hours later you can't even read the messages from the installation
you have to answer, only debug-messages from clgen.
How can i switch this off ?

2.) In my old setup i could set the resolution used by the driver
in text- and gfx-mode using something like
in the amiboot-start-line
Clgen in the Kernel from Debian 2.2 seems to ignore all this :-(
The "official" amiboot-line uses "video=clgen". I tried to change
this without any visible effects. Changing the textmode with fbset
works, though.

3.) Using the mouse under X hangs quite often for half a second or
even longer (maybe this is related to the debug-messages ?!)

What am I doing wrong ? Is there nobody with a clgen-gfx-card
using debian anymore ?


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