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Re: Install dies trying to loop mount rescue.bin

The box has the neccessary fpu and pmmu, it also has 17mb ram. As I said before, Linux boots up fine and I have access to both drives once linux is started. The problem is in attempting to install the kernel files (the step right after initialiazing and mounting the root partition. The install program will correctly find my hfs partition, mount that and find the dists/... directory that contains the 1.44mb images of the dos floppies rescue.bin and root.bin. However, when the install tries to loop mount these files, it dies. VC3 says that mount failed with an invalid argument. The system is then locked up, even the shell prompt on VC2 doesn't respond. I have read (numerous times all the documentation I've been able to find concerning linux-m68k and Debian and I've also read through the past few years of this mailing list. I've seen no mention of this problem though. I'm still playing with the system trying to figure it out, any help would be appreciated though.

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