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Install dies trying to loop mount rescue.bin

I got my hands on a Mac IIsi that I'm trying to get linux on. I added a 2nd Internal Hard Drive to install linux to (The drive is running off of another PC's Powersupply since the mac's PS can't handle it). On booting, Linux correctly identifies both drives and I can fdisk and format the linux partitions. However, when I go to install the kernel the install dies. I have the kernel on the 1st hard drives hfs partition. The install program can find the file but stops when it says it is installing the kernel. Flipping over to Virtual Console 3 shows the error that mount failed to mount rescue.bin on loop0 due to an invalid arguement. The system is then totally frozen, even the shell prompt on vc2 is non-respondant. I have tried this with the kernel in the latest debian potato directory and the new 2.2.16 kernel. Neither works. Does anybody have any idea what the problem could be? My first thought was that the rescue.bin file might be corrupt but I recopied it and it's ok. Any help would be appreciated.


Jay Lee

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