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Re: Space and m68k

On Fri, Aug 11, 2000 at 12:00:21PM +0200, Christian Brandt wrote:
> I plan to install Debian on my old Amiga3000, the system is an
> Amiga3000/030-25Mhz/16MB-Fast-RAM/200MB-HD, Ariadne-Ethernet,
> Piccolo/CirrusLogic5426-Gfx-Board, IO-Board MFC3 and an
> cameron-scanner-io-board. Aeons ago I installed a linux without
> distribution and it ran fine (was at 1.2.13-times).
> 200MB HD is not very much... but from my experience m68k-code need less
> space than eg i386-code, so I guess I can ignore most suggestions for
> install-space, can I?
Well, no. I guess you want to install potato (I don't remember the numbers
for slink) the base install needs at least 42MB, but better give the root
partition a minimum of 64MB (as suggested in the html docs). This is only
the for the base system (maybe you can remove a few packages after
settingup). If you run dselect after that, you will be immediately suggested
to install more "important" packages, quite some more MB, try to find out
how much. I remember that my installation using a 100MB ex-swap partition
worked for the base install, but there was not enough space to install
further important packages (no gcc or make among them).
> How much can I accomplish with 200MB-HD-Space?
Test the installation, play a little, like it and decide to get a larger
(used?) hdd. With 500MB you can set up a decent system to work with. The
bells and whistles come with 1GB or more, maybe your users need some space
as well.
I guess kullervo (our buildd) has a fairly basic installation. Its currently
using 54MB in / and just below 300MB in /usr. I don't think you can get much
lower than that, if you want to do something on the machine.
> I need:
>  most gnu-utilites,
>  X and fvwm2 (KDE would be nice, but I guess, thats ridiculous on that
> system :-),
>  enough fonts and utils to use the system as a X-Terminal and maybe some
> small browser so that I can surf without needing another system,
Forget KDE, its illegal and KDE2 does not compile yet on m68k. fvwm2 is nice.
>  development-tools and sources for linux-kernel should eat up more than
> 120MB, so I will not be able to use that, am I right?
source is 20MB, unpack and compile... 120MB maybe a good guess. 
Just try to get a larger disk, I payed under 300DM for 20GB, now if you just
want 1GB, that would be 15DM? ;-)
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