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Re: 2.2.10 on Mac IIcx: SCSI doesn't work :-(

> <SLAP!> Maybe I should actually _read_ the message before posting dumb
> responses =). Although, it's really the same thing. Basically, IIcx == IIx
> == SE/30, as far as the important hardware is concerned. I'd expect the
> IIcx to have the same problems as the SE/30- it also has the Mac II-style
> via's.

Something must have been broken horribly since I last tried a 2.2 kernel
on eithe SE/30 or IIcx somewhat more than a year ago. Maybe I'm just being
mean here but I'd suspect the interrupt rewrite. Was the SE/30 tested
during or after that rewrite? Can we figure out what happened when from
CVS? I used cvsweb a lot for that while it was available...


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