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Re: Crosscompiling with autobild

> When I have done that, do you think there still will be problems?

Dunno... try it and see what happens.

> (CVS archive of source for debian, I presume you mean.)

No, the buildd CVS. It's located on cvs.linux-m68k.org. You can
anonymously retrieve files from it:

  cvs -d :pserver:anon@cvs.linux-m68k.org:/CVS login
  [empty password]
  cvs -d :pserver:anon@cvs.linux-m68k.org:/CVS checkout wanna-build

> Does this mean I have to get a cvs server running to run autobuild? 
> Or do I only need the cvs client?

Only the client. And you need it only to retrieve the files, not to
operate the daemon.


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