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Re: Crosscompiling with autobild

On Fri, 4 Aug 2000, Roman Hodek wrote:

> > Then I'll ask again when I'v got debian to install on my Amiga when
> > I've got the 68060.
> Beware again: It's not easy to add the -soft-float option for all
> packages... I guess it's best to put it directly into
> /usr/lib/gcc-lib/.../specs, otherwise you never can be sure that it
> won't be overridden somewhere...

Yes, I think Michael Schmitz or someone else on the linux-m68k list
gave me the same advise.
When I have done that, do you think there still will be problems?

> > Or is there a FAQ someplace for the autobuilder? I looked around at
> > debians site, but could not find it.
> The CVS archive contains some docs.

(CVS archive of source for debian, I presume you mean.)

Does this mean I have to get a cvs server running to run autobuild?
Or do I only need the cvs client?

(Oh, do I feel like a newbie or what...)


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