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Re: Forgive my Mac-ignorance

Hmm.  I doubt it.  I'm pretty sure that a Floating Processor Unit is required 
and I don't THINK that they have them.  You can probably find out for sure 


They've got pretty good information on any Mac model.  If you can't run the 
68k port, though then maybe you can get macbsd.  I don't know much 
about it, but it might work.  A good starting point for it is macbsd.com.

Dakota Duff

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> I don't know much about Macs.  I've been trying to figure out whether
> the 68k linux port will run on a Mac LC 520 or a Mac LC 580 since the
> FAQ didn't seem to clear it up for me.  Is there any chance of me doing
> this?
> thanks,
> robert
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