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Keyboard? What Keyboard?

Hi, I have an Macintosh IIci I'm gearing up to put debian on (the guy missing a floppydrive ps again), and suddenly noticed another problem. Where does the keyboard plug in? (not that I actually have one though). I had assumed it was a ps/2 type keyboard and mouse, but I recently looked closer, and realized one of the connectors was for a phone line and the other was for the printer. There are two other small din connectors with a symbol above them, but I cannot puzzel out the icon. It is a vertical line with two 90degree lines going left and another going to the right. Are they serial ports or maybe the missing mouse/keyboard connectors? I might have this wrong, but a friend of mine had a powerPC (this was a while back) and I think I remember the keyboard plugging into the monitor. Is this right? Looks like I've got no chance of using a common pc-type keyboard with this unit, so if anyone can tell me what type of keyboard it is, I can try to find one. Thanks.

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