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Kiosk on a Quadra 650 and Slink?

I work for a Nature Center and they have an old Quadra 650 laying around.  I
saw the Kiosk HOWTO and told them I could install Linux on this computer and
run a computer Kiosk.  After poking around a bit I'm not quite so sure this
is possible at http://www.mac.linux-m68k.org/development/macspecs.html

they have the Q650 listed as "?" for booting also no "ADB" support, what is
that exactly?  I run Debian on my Intel machines at home and would love to
use it with this computer.  It has a 500 mb scsi hard drive, over 100 mb of
ram, 33 mhz processor.  Basically the computer will have to support a
website served by Apache, running  a Netscape browser and that is all.  I
would plan on installing from a CD-ROM.  Do you think running a Kiosk is
possible with this machine and Slink?  Would it be stable?  I keep reading
that the kernels are unstable with the Mac distro.  Would there be any
reason to wait for Potato?  Please cc me as I'm not on the list yet.

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