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New Mac kernel and modules (was Re: I volunteer)

---------- on Tue, 28 Mar 2000 22:46:03 -0600 , Ginsburg said ->
>> I know Rick Cook(i think that is his name) has compiled a 2.2.14 kernel
>> with almost every needed module for a mac that seems to work quite nicely.

Yes, that is my name.

>> Anyway, I'd recomend the kernel for anyone having trouble.
>> ftp://ntlug-new.ntlug.org/pub/vmlinux-2.2.14-20000324.gz
>> ftp://ntlug-new.ntlug.org/pub/modules-2.2.14-20000324.tar.gz

Hopefully, these (and -20000325) will be moving to 
ftp.mac.linux-m68k.org soon.
>> On a semi-related note(now that i've blabbered on a bit)  Anyone have any
>> suggestions of how to get insmod to work with the above kernel?
>> Anyway, the problem is i do an insmod ppp.o(or any other module) and it
>> gives me a series of errors about undefined symbols

A couple of things.

First, have you run depmod?

Second, the ppp module is "dependent" on the slhc module. If you want
to use insmod, you have to insmod slhc first. I personally always use
modprobe <module_name>. That way, prerequisite modules are loaded
as required.

Rick Cook

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