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Re: apt-error (fwd)

On 26-Mar-00, you wrote:

> A little information would be helpfull. apt on slink or apt on potato?
> which version? which glibc? which kernel? did you strace it? did you
> configure apt correctly? what does your sources.list say? do you have
> enough space on HDD? etc pp
> With the information you gave us, I can only say: "Its working fine for
> me, you did something wrong." Does that help? See...
> There is a "bug" package, use it to find at least the minimal information
> we would need. You dont necessarily have to report a bug with it, but save
> the message and send it here.
> Subject: apt: it works!
> Package: apt
> Version: 0.3.18
> Severity: critical
> -- System Information
> Debian Release: 2.2
> Kernel Version: Linux aahz 2.0.36 #2 Thu Mar 25 21:15:16 CET 1999 m68k
> unknown
> Versions of the packages apt depends on: ii libc6 2.1.3-7 GNU C Library:
> Shared libraries and Timezone ii libstdc++2.10- 2.95.2-7 The GNU stdc++
> library
> This has nearly all the information needed. Now if you let us look at
> /etc/apt/sources.list as well and maybe include a strace output, I bet you
> see yourself what the problem is.
> And please test the 2.2 boot-floppies, if you want potato to happen for
> m68k...
> Christian

I'm sorry. I'm giving up. I cannot get any of this information. I'm to good
damn stupid to run Linux, at lesat debian Linux. I need an easier thing as
it seems. I have tried to get all of this information but I get nowhere. I
can run strace but that doesn't help me very much since I can't get it out
as a file, it probably did but I can't find it. Running bug does no good,
since it refuses to run when I'm logged on as root and I just can't
remember how to create another user that has some priveliges to run it.
Finally, I can't remember how to check how much space my harddrive has left

So, I guess I'll just reformat this harddrive and never ever try again, I'm
to frustrated with this. 

All I can say right now is that I have installed slink on amiga, with the
newest disks in slink. What version apt has I don't remember but I haven't
installed or updated anything. Oh, I did install apt because I thought I
didn't have it, but I found out as I installed it that I did, but that was
the same version so I didn't think more of it.

Well, this is what I can tell you.

Thomas Sjölin


Some people hope to achieve immortality through their works or their
children.  I would prefer to achieve it by not dying.
-- Woody Allen

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